Written by Ian Hawdon - A failed video attempt!
This is a project we had to do for A-Level media. James was in charge of writing this, but when he found out it wasn't being marked, he quit caring! (as did most of the class!)
I got this finished at 3AM before handing in! I was the only one to do so! HAHA!!
My presenting is awful! On top of that, I didn't have the time to polish off the sound (so you may want to adjust you volume control accordingly!) There's a misspelling in the credits (can you spot it?) and to top it all off, I used Sony Vegas 7.0 running on Vista which at the time was unsupported and crashed every time I changed media! blah!
I found this hidden deep in a folder on one of my portable hard drives and thought "It's time to release this pile o' turd to the world!"
This was the first production I really played around with the Alpha channel for CGI overlays, and there's a small bit of time lapsing). This was also the last production to involve James Crawford!
I don't think I date stamped this one, but it was definitely made in late(ish) 2007