Written by Ian Hawdon - Back in year 10, our Media teacher (Ms. Burridge) told us that the year after, we'd need to make either a film or poster for our practical production (which became CS-40), and it would be a good idea to get used to the equipment. We all planned a scene where I'm abducted, but hit a panic button (which is conveniently located on my watch!) and the police come and arrest the kidnapper (played by Oli), of course James (who wrote the idea) wasn't there for filming, so it didn't turn out as planned! I was still kidnapped by FJ (Oli Harrison's nick name is Farmer John), but instead of the police coming, FJ just swings a punch at me, hidden behind "The Hut", that was staged so he didn't actually have to hit me, but what you don't see is when he grabs me to take me away, he slams me into the wall bending my glasses out of shape!
Shaw was responsible for camera work, thus the shaky picture is his fault! Oli and I were Actors, and James only helped with editing... the credits aren't that accurate, this was done in 2005.