OP-EZY Productions currently is a one man project! So when I refer to "we" I'm just really referring to me (Ian Hawdon)! OP-EZY Productions was started after the original OP-EZY International Group started, the ill fated, OP-EZY International Pirate Radio (an archive of the sites can be found in our Time Machine!). At the time, OP-EZY's members were: James Crawford, Ian Hawdon (Me!), Oli Harrison, Shaw Eggleston, and Tom Bullimore. Our very first video was actually created before we started using the OP-EZY name, it was titled "Dave Goes Missing", we used the name Farmers' United Films highlighting Shaw and Oli's farming backgrounds, the video is also on this site! Our first video under the OP-EZY name was "CS-40 - The Miracle 3 in 1 Cleaner" which was a parody of Cillit Bang!
Tom Bullimore and Oli Harrison left OP-EZY, we then produced our next film "The Seeker - First Chem: The Chemical Killer".
James left OP-EZY during the production of "The North-East: Past and Present" leaving me to finish it, alone. 2008 saw a new start top OP-EZY Productions, with the release of Gareth Kitchener's "Spockumentary", and a new CS-40 advert in the pipeline. The Music division is another part of OP-EZY's new start, and is available at http://music.op-ezy.co.uk

We use, or have used, the following for our productions:

  • Sony DCR-TRV14E Video Camcorder
  • Sony PCM-D50 PCM Linear Recorder
  • Sharp MD-MT15 Minidisc Recorder/player
  • Yamaha MT50 4-Track Cassette Recorder (Borrowed from Jonathan Tait)
  • Sony Vegas video editing software
  • Final Cut Pro video editing software
  • Magix Audio Cleaning Lab audio software
  • TDK MiniDV cassettes
  • TDK Compact Cassette tapes
  • Sony Minidiscs